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Supplies and Accessories

Welding Supplies & Accessories in Fort Stockton, Alpine & Pecos, TX

For industrial welding machines, Double R Welding Supply is your best option!

Our inventory at Double R Welding Supply consists of an extensive selection of welding machines and supplies that are ideal for projects ranging from fixing your tractor in the barn to building an aircraft. We have the equipment to supply your demand, no matter how small or large it may be. 

Proudly serving Pecos TX, Alpine TX, Ft. Stockton TX, and the surrounding areas!

We want to be your first choice in welding supplies.

We are committed to providing top-quality welding equipment and customer support to meet your needs. We offer welding torches, cutting tips, and all of the items that you need to make your welding jobs easier. 

Arc Welders – Arc welders vary in power and versatility, and they are ideal for welding stainless steel, sheet metal, cast iron, and other metals. 
Welding Supplies Ft. Stockton, TX

MIG/Flux Welders – MIG and flux welders are commonly used outdoors, as they do not require the use of an external shielding gas. We offer both single-phase and three-phase input power options to meet garage, home, and industrial needs.

Single-phase are typically used in homes and garages, whereas three-phase are typically found in industrial settings. MIG/flux welders are ideal for welding stainless steel, sheet metal, cast iron, and other metals.
Welding Supplies Alpine, TX

TIG Welders – TIG welders form bonds between metal pieces without distorting the metal objects being bonded. We offer AC/DC as well as DC-only products to meet your needs.

AC/DC TIG welders are capable of welding all metals, whereas DC TIG welders can weld stainless steel, steel, and all other alloys, though they are not recommended for aluminum.

Plasma Cutters – Plasma cutters are suitable for lightweight and heavy cutting and general metalwork. They can be used to produce quality cutting on all conductor materials, including stainless steel, steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and more.

Gases – We provide welding gases and specialty gases in bulk and in pressure cylinders. Our resources include industrial and medical gases to be used for an array of applications.
Welding Equipment Ft. Stockton, TX

Contact Double R Welding Supply when you need welding machines, supplies and equipment today! 
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